Pacifichem 2021 “Innovation of Nanomaterials Based on Cyclodextrins”



Pacifichem 2021Innovation of Nanomaterials Based on Cyclodextrins”

In Pacifichem 2021, a cyclodextrin symposium (oral sessions and poster session) was held virtually in December 20 and 21, 2021 on HST.

Oral presentation session 1 (Virtual)

December 20 Mon., 2021 13:00-17:00 on HST

Chiars; Takashi Hayashita, Kohzo Ito

13:00-13:20 Introduction remarks:

13:20-13:50 Oral#01 Kohzo Ito (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Slide-ring materials and pseudo polyrotaxane nanosheet with cyclodextrins

13:50-14:10 Oral#02 Takashi Hayashita (Sophia University, Japan)

Development of supramolecular cyclodextrin complex sensors for recognition of bio-related molecules in water

14:10-14:30 Oral#03 Reiko Saito (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Inclusion compound with modified cyclodextrin and polyamideimide as novel binder and dispersant for secondary lithium ion battery

14:30-14:50 Oral#04 Koji Harano (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Rim binding of cyclodextrins in size-sensitive guest recognition revealed by atomic-resolution electron microscopy

14:50-15:05 Break

15:05-15:25 Oral#5 Takato Ogata (The University of Tokyo, Japan)  

Rim binding of chemically modified g-cyclodextrins to a hydrophobic surface

15:25-15:45 Oral#6 Sergej Kudruk (University of Münster, Münster, Germany)

Controlled cellular delivery of membrane impermeable cargo by responsive cyclodextrin nanocontainers

15:45-16:05 Oral#7 Van Doan (The University of Kitakyushu, Japan)

Cyclodextrin-based hyperbranched polymer containing alpha mangostin as a potential anticancer system

16:05-16:15 Concluding remark

Oral session 2 (Virtual)

December 21 Tue., 2021 18:00-22:00 on HST

Chiars; Hidetoshi Arima, Tooru Ooya, Hiroaki Kitagishi

18:00-18:05 Opening Remarks

18:05-18:35 Oral#01 Akira Harada (Osaka University, Japan)

Cyclodextrin-based supramolecular materials

18:35-18:55 Oral#02 Jun Li (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Novel supramolecular self-assembled nano-carrier systems for drug and gene delivery

18:55-19:15 Oral#03 Kuakarun Krusong (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)

Large-ring cyclodextrin production and its applications

19:15-19:35 Oral#04 Tooru Ooya (Kobe University, Japan)

Hyper-branched polyglycerol-modified cyclodextrins for biomedical applications

19:35-19:55 Oral#05 Hiroaki Kitagishi (Doshisha University, Japan)

Intracellular delivery of proteins and liposomes using cell-penetrating cyclodextrins

19:55-20:10 Break

20:10-20:30 Oral#06 Hidetoshi Arima (Daiichi University of Pharmacy, Japan)

Potential use of cyclodextrins as drug carriers, vaccine adjuvants and active pharmaceutical ingredients

20:30-20:50 Oral#07 Kenjiro Higashi (Chiba University, Japan)

Development of solid pharmaceutical formulations using intermolecular spaces between cyclodextrins

20:50-21:10 Oral#08 Noriko Ogawa (Aichi Gakuin University, Japan)

Physicochemical characterization of the interactions between cyclodextrin and poorly water soluble drugs

21:10-21:15 Closing Remarks

Poster session (Virtual)

December 20 Mon., 2021 19:00-21:00 on HST

Poster#1 Qiyue Mao (Doshisha University, Japan)

Sensitive and selective quantification of carbon monoxide (CO) distributed in vivo by an iron(II)porphyrin-cyclodextrin supramolecular complex

Poster#2 Tetsuo Kuwabara (University of Yamanashi, Japan)

Colorimetric detection for bile acids by using a novel modified cyclodextrin tethering with phenolphthalein

Poster#3 Antonietta M. Casulli (Sophia University, Japan.)

Supramolecular cyclodextrin complexes for electrochemical detection of metabolites in water

Poster#4 Ryosuke Hiroshige (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

Protective effect of cyclodextrins against edaravone oxidation induced by atmospheric oxygen or additive oxidant

Poster#5 Anh Thi Ngoc Doan (The University of Kitakyushu, Japan)

Molecule mechanism of enhanced binding between cyclodextrin hyperbranched polymer and vanillin: NMR study